Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pisa Unplugged

At 12,800 feet above sea level, I was literally at the top of the world.  I felt like I could do anything I wanted--and I did.

Getting there was not easy. I needed to rest so I just had to figure out a way to unplug from the matrix.  I figured that taking a vacation with a very busy itinerary would do the trick.  After a 7 hour plane ride, I was in another hemisphere and ready to put the slogan  "All you need is Ecuador" to the test. Why Ecuador? Just watch these videos (short and long version). Another reason? I was born and lived there during my childhood.  Although I lived there, so much has changed in the last couple of years that when I watched the video it felt like it was brand-new and I was ready to be Dora.

I woke up the next morning ready to be an "explorer" after taking a hot shower to start the day.  A hot shower was all I needed before starting my quest to conquer the world.  Life had other plans.

My first adventure began--finding a place to take a hot shower.  I refused to take a cold shower or take a bucket shower.  I just really needed a hot shower to relax my muscles after my long trip 😢.  I know it sounds childish but at the time a hot shower was essential to feel that my vacation had started. After the third hour, I lost faith that the water heater repairman was going to show up. For a second the bucket shower sounded tempting--very tempting.  It was around 2 p.m. when I found a house with a hot shower--there was not much water pressure but the water was warm.  My mom called to check-in on me and I was happy to report that I had taken a hot shower--I felt so accomplished!  That is when I realized that the water heater breaking, the electricity outage, and the water shortage --by the way, they were very rare events in the city I was in--were all part of the perfect plan to help me unplug.

After the shower incident all the obstacles in my path to enjoy a relaxing vacation seemed like if they were all just part of the plan. So how was my bad altitude sickness, a Zika virus epidemic, my food allergies, an erupting volcano, and the recent death of 2 tourists part of my vacation plan?  It is a crazy mix of circumstances but they were all part of my 24 day journey to relaxation.


PS. The picture was taken atop the Quilotoa crater lake.