Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Bucket List

Granted I came up with this Bucket List in my teens so some of the items were kind of crazy.  In my 20s I checked many items off the list: back-packing in Europe, riding crazy roller coasters, and running out of room in my passport for more travel stamps.  Then came my 30s and due to a health scare, I checked some items off the list not because I did them but because I considered they were too risky.

Here comes 2015 and basically I went over the scary-cat hump I was stuck in and started to rethink about those items in my Bucket List I removed.  Were they really that risky or was it just an excuse I created?  I started planning again for the perfect conditions to get them done--controlled risk and right fitness level.  The day I found myself bungee jumping or canopying/zip lining was in no way the day in which conditions were perfect.  In fact, I kept telling my sister-in-law "I'm completely out of my comfort zone" over and over as I stepped off the ledge.  In my head I kept picturing my young self as I wrote the Bucket List and put my logic/fears/excuses aside and just let go.

In my Bucket List, 3 items remain: visiting Greece, balloning and sky diving.  Since I'm almost done I have started my Bucket List #2.


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