Monday, June 1, 2015

Unique gifts for you....and to share!

This is my business motto but of late I have realized it has become the motto for my life as well.  Humility aside I have many gifts---we all do.  There are things we learned in school, things we learned at work and so many things we have just learned along the way.  How to start a business is a great skill to have.  It has taken me many years to learn the basics; many years to just loose the fear and anxiety that comes with the process.

This weekend was interesting to say the least.  Launching my online store has been in my To Do list for a while; taking photos of your inventory and uploading them to the online store is an intricate and long process.  This weekend, my 10 year old baby niece launched her Etsy jewerly store.  Yes, I know  what you are thinking. She is 10 so she is not a baby.  I changed her diapers so like I told her, I earned the right to call her "my baby" for as long as I want to--so probably forever.  Indeed, my sister in law is teaching my niece an interesting set of skills this summer; you can read all about it here. I think it is never too early to learn those skills, especially because when you learned them early you approach the task at hand differently.  If you ask her about the experience of starting a business she will probably say that it is fun and cool.  On the other hand, just in the last 2 paragraphs I have mentioned the words fear, anxiety, long, and intricate.  Granted, she has a limited number of products and I have hundreds.  Nevertheless, she got me out of my creativity block and provided the inspiration I needed.  I don't think my niece has realized yet but one of her gifts is that she is a cheerleader of life.

So, my niece is off to play and enjoy the nice weather and I am walking around the house with my ipad trying to find the best lighthing spot to take photos of my products.  After many, many photos, a spot by the dinning room window made me happy.  So, it began, until I get a message from my cousin a hemisphere away-I was born in Ecuador-informing me she has started a home business and she has designated me as her marketing director.  The day continued and I, the one that had a creativity block in the morning, now have 2 businesses to work on.

So all those unique gifts you have, enjoy them and also share them--so your reward is doubled.


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